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United Republic
Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany - 1902.jpg
Nationality Flag of the United States (1777-1795).svg American
Ancestry Maternal:
Flag of Italy.svg Italian
Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukrainian
Flag of France.svg French
Flag of Germany.svg German
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg British
Flag of Quebec.svg Quebecois
Hometown Flag of New Jersey.svg Ridgewood, New Jersey
Residence Flag of South Carolina.svg South Carolina
Age 18
Philosophy 23px Episcopalianism
Political views
Political parties Independent
Languages Flag of England.svg English (native)
Flag of Spain.svg Español (intermediate)
Flag of Japan.svg 日本語 (intermediate)
Main interests
Althistory interests


I am United Republic, the creator of this wiki. Originally, I was a longtime contributor to the "althist" wiki on Wikia, but due to poor management by Wikia, I decided to set up shop here and bring over my best projects to rebuild what was once a great place.

Please contact me if you have any questions!

- United Republic